Jonah Day

Today was a “Jonah day”

If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables as often as I have then you’ll know what these are. If you haven’t – shame on you get reading!

Exams started today, three of my four classes completed exams, that of course means three classes of papers to mark. Yes that’s what I get paid for – and yes the holidays are only a few short weeks away. If you aren’t a teacher you’ll never understand the pressure that exams bring. The holidays are our sanity savers..

But it’s a day when I’m scrambling to get it all together – because that’s important – right? (Clearly not overcoming the perfectionist tendencies) 

We all get out of the house on time – no morning arguments this morning, the kids are well rested after we established an earlier bedtime – it paid off!

All five of us have had breakfast, lunches are done, uniforms on, we arrive at school, we are happy, we’re going to get to the staff meeting on time.

As we walk across the car park it happens — I feel the unmistakable feeling of a zip giving way … the zip in the back of my dress is surrendering.. My mind is racing – can I get through the day like this? I have a jacket on..but how long is the zip? Possibly just a fraction longer than the jacket – it’s not good.. I sigh with frustration, the zip sighs with me … Hmm perhaps the jacket’s not going to do it. We’ve reached the stairs now. I turn to my long suffering husband (who incidentally needs a medal for putting up with me today)  I whisper to him “my zip has just broken, I need the keys I’m going to have to go home.”

He offers to check the damage, I refuse – people are following us up the stairs… And one them is calling to me. I’m going to have to have a conversation, as the back of my dress slowly gives way. 

I have a conversation – well at least I nod and agree with the speaker, all the while silently hoping I’m not agreeing to anything I can’t follow through on later- also making a note to self to return to this person later and check on what I’ve agreed to. 

 I manage to leave school without any further drama. I race home and change and then of course take it out on my longsuffering husband who for some reason didn’t know what the appropriate thing is to do or say when your wife turns to you and announces her zip has broken.

In all fairness to him there is perhaps no right response… Other than to order flowers and a gift…in the hope of placating your difficult and quite possibly over reactionary wife… and wait for your medal to arrive.

You may laugh … I know I am (now)

Perfectionism is being whittled/chiseled away… I’m glad everyone is being patient with me!


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