Space Invaders

It’s week one of the holidays – three kid week and it’s the week after we’ve decided it’s time to move and put our house on the market.

I foresee a couple of issues arising…and as always a massive opportunity for personal growth. I’ve listed them in no particular order.

1. The perfect presentation of the house – I get a bit stressed about things looking perfect. This may present a bit of a problem for the other 4 people or 2 people depending on the week, living in the house … Notice I said LIVING – I hope we can live through this. Let’s be honest the person who will suffer the most will be me. I think it’s great that I can acknowledge this at this point in time. (I can be pretty self aware.) It’ll be even greater if I can remember it the day the photographer arrives to take photos of the house and then every day after that, when people want to wander though – which brings me to my next point.

2. People walking through “my space”. Yeah I’m kind of protective of my space – most introverts are. This is part of the driving force to move and get more space. That’s what has helped me sign up for this process. But … there’s a downside – people; well not just people, strangers, (even worse) are going to be walking through my space. Not just walking through the space… looking through the cupboards – you know the cupboards where you put things to keep them out of sight and mind and out from under foot… The cupboards that help to facilitate a nice clean bench, which brings us nicely to the next area of concern.

3. Needing to be ready for inspection at the drop of a hat. In a household that has members who struggle to get themselves dressed each morning and clean teeth and do hair – there may be some issues with the whole family leaving the house ready to be inspected. Please understand this is not a criticism of the others. In fact I may be the biggest problem. As a teenager my father once told me that he was glad my room was at the front of the house because if anyone ever broke in they would assume from the state of my room that someone had beaten them to it and they’d leave. And with 3 kids aged between 10 and 12 – you know, kind of cusping the teenage years, they are as they should be. I might just have to buy some more throws – they worked a treat in Black Books…


The unrivalled effectiveness of an Indian throw to cover a multitude of sins.

4. Rejection – I’m sure the first person through the house won’t buy it…and let’s be honest if it takes too long then it’s quite possible that I’m going to take it personally. Especially if they blame it on the messy cupboards. 😉

5. I don’t always cope with stress incredibly well, not sure if you’ve noticed that about me. It’s not that I flip out massively – I kind of shut down. I’m a bit of a pendulum I can go from high stress to no stress at the flip of a switch and vice versa. In the past 10 days I’ve had 3 migraines …and I’m not a migraine sufferer. Well I’ve never classified myself as one – my mother has been for about 35 years on and off… I guess that now will be the time to assess whether or not mine are stress related …

6. Excitement – this is the first time I have done this – ever … At 38 I’ve never owned a home or even been involved in the buying process. Be super happy for me .. and remember some days when you meet me I’ll be a bit excited, other days, I’ll be distraught because let’s be honest I’m not the most patient of people … bear with me – remember I’m a pendulum. A pendulum who tries very, very hard to be stoic.

So folks let’s be honest there’s no great spiritual lesson that I have learned today as I write this. I’m just warning you I guess, and me too – things are about to get crazy! And when I say things are about to get crazy I mean, me …

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