28 days and 28 things I’m going to miss …

  1. The constant hum of traffic going up and down the road.
  2. Playing, is that sound a police siren or an ambulance siren?
  3. Looking out our lounge window to see the guttering of the house next door.
  4. Hearing the Mash theme song (every afternoon) playing from the lounge room of the man next door.
  5. Hearing our neighbour’s early Saturday morning phone calls from our bedroom – well, one side of the conversation anyway.
  6. Saying “shh – remember that the neighbours live very close. You can’t be up this early making this much noise.”
  7. Hearing the yappy dog, Timmy, next door when we hang out the washing too close to his boundary line.
  8. Saying “Yes, you can go next door and get the ball” or “Yes, you can go out to the road to get the ball – be careful”.
  9. Walking across the road; to collect parcels from the post office, to get fresh sausage rolls from the bakery and staffroom birthday cakes, to buy birthday cards and wrapping paper from the newsagent.
  10. The convenience of being able to buy milk, bread, Panadol, band aids, chocolate (on bad days) pretty much anything from the shop, chemist, post office or newsagent across the road.
  11. Walking across the road to buy meat from the butcher 10 mins before beginning to cook dinner. A butcher who knows where we live and work who has a conversation every time we go in. His associate who hides out the back every time I go in after an awkward, over-friendly, over-familiar conversation he initiated the first time I went in.
  12. Hearing our dog barking when one of us is across the road at the shops – I think she believes the only reason we come back home is because she calls out to us – to remind us where to return to.
  13. Hearing (and feeling) the rumble of the Harleys that motor up the road after they leave their gathering centre.
  14. The occasional, loud, drunk conversation (read argument) out on the main road during the night.
  15. The possum who moved into our roof. He usually gets up around 5:15pm-ish. He’ll be moving out soon – some evenings it sounds like he maybe knows and he’s packing his boxes too.
  16. The bird next door that sounds like an alarm clock. It starts chirping a few minutes before my alarm is set to go off.
  17. The man who visits the newsagent and possibly the bakery every morning. He rides a Harley. He arrives between 5:30 and 5:45am. I believe that our dog thinks her barking chases him away – that’s why he leaves. And so she faithfully chases him away every morning.
  18. The noise of trays sliding in and out of ovens at the bakery from about 2am each morning.
  19. Having to share a bathroom with four other people.
  20. The afternoon parade of dog walkers and dogs who go past our place and pause so that their dog can talk to ours.
  21. Telling the kids to go outside to play to be met with “there’s nothing to do” – and knowing it’s true and that there’s no room in which to do it.
  22. The closeness to fast food outlets – this might be another positive to the move.
  23. The friends and family who can so easily visit us – now it will be a bit of a trek – hope we’re worth it!
  24. Having to shut the door so we can hear the movie we are watching.
  25. The streetlights that make the night light.
  26. The people walking past having a laugh because they’ve read the joke on my coffee mug that’s sitting on our table. This may be a slight exaggeration of how fishbowl like our front window is.
  27. The dinging of the metal clip on the flagpole outside the business two doors down, whenever there is even the slightest breeze. In truth I only notice this one when he points it out to me.
  28.  Watching The Walking Dead – there’s no way I’m going to be able cope with that in a quiet environment!


Seriously though, this is the only home we’ve lived in together as a family …and this tonight is part of me embarking on my good-bye process.

I’m so grateful to have lived here for the first 2 and 1/2 years of our married life – and there are many more good things I’ll miss. But I look forward to the space, peace and privacy our new home promises us all in the years ahead.

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2 Responses to 28 days and 28 things I’m going to miss …

  1. Kylie says:

    I love reading your blog … especially this lovely list of memories … one day you will be able to read over them again … and “enjoy” those memories! As I read them … I can read love in every line … the love of a happy mother and my friend! God bless and guide and give you any strength you may need with each box you both pack and then unpack in this new chapter of your life. with love, Kylie 🙂

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  2. AnneD says:

    Thanks Kylie! 🙂 hope all is well with you and yours. 🙂


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