Change – I’m not good with it. But this is the week/fortnight for it. We’re packing our boxes to move in less than two weeks. And at some point in this coming week I’m going to move to a different staffroom. It’s the wise thing to do, it’s a bit uncomfortable (sorry future roomies) – it’s been a decision that has been over a year in the making. You guys, my friends and readers should know me well enough to know I rush into nothing. I take a long time to make my mind up but once it’s made …it’s made.

The reason the “wise decision” took so long is – it means leaving my work “family” behind.

These are people who know me and I know.
We have shown our care and concern for each other, either by taking jokes too far as an individual or by ganging up on someone and taking jokes too far…
It has been great – we’ve learned which days we should back off and which days to pursue the laughs. Which days, for instance, to fill someone’s water bottle with jelly and which days to cover someone’s work space with ‘beautiful’ poetry posters, and which days are good days to put someone’s hat in the fridge – note to self it’s never a good day to hide someone’s hat in the fridge.

I’m going to miss this place where I know and am know. I’m debating whether to mention you guys by name or whether to come up with interesting nicknames. So I’ll possibly do both. This is kind of a farewell – well maybe that’s a bit over the top but things will be different once I move. So I’m writing 10 reasons why I’ll miss the peeps (I’m using rad, hip teenage lingo there) in S202.

10 things I’m going to miss: (oh great I’ve changed the title already)

1. I’m going to miss the quiz days, when the Quizmaster, our honorary staffroom member brings out the clipping from the newspaper – true or false?
I’ll miss being dazzled by the wealth of knowledge one of our staffmembers stores in his brain and the matter of fact way in which he informs us not only that Luxembourg was actually originally known as ..(I’ve forgotten – was it even Luxembourg?) … but the colours of the flag, the main language spoken and then leads us in a stirring rendition of the national anthem – I may have exaggerated there, though only slightly. There’s one lady who sure knows her mutiple choice questions and the “in which state is the …… found”? And as for the movie miester – I’ll miss those slap questions, mostly because I never got to deliver one.
But I hope I can come back when we finally decide to compete in a trivia competition. As a group we’ll clean up – true or false?

2. I’ll miss the particular and peculiar food related habits, there’s the staff member who snacks on frozen peas – and no it’s not Peasey. There’s the staff member who thinks chips should be stored in the fridge to keep them fresh and to keep the ants out. There’s the staff member who believes Cherry Ripes are an abomination – apparently it’s the combination of fruit, dark chocolate and coconut that makes it so deliciously offensive.
Then there’s the staffroom member who announces as she enters the staffroom at lunchtime, that it “smells like food in here!”
The sampling of a variety of treats when certain members return from overseas holidays.

3. I’ll miss the impromptu dress-up sessions – red bandana day springs to mind – and the impersonations that followed. One of them is forever etched in my mind, and has altered my reading of The Crucible as a result.
The not-so-impromptu dress-ups on slave days – when for some reason trips to McDonald’s were necessary, and a fairy and the Joker unintentionally terrified a mother and small child at Northlakes.

4. I’ll miss the moments of hysteria that occur when we should all be writing reports – things like “soy sauce” are shouted over and over and met with raucous laughter, a future politician’s impersonation of Shaun Micallef’s impersonation (not sure if anyone else remembers that – I know that no one else found it as funny as I did) and the “Did I just split my pants? DON’T LOOK!!” incident of 2013 ( yes, now it’s been mentioned in the blog).

5. I’ll miss the Hull, Peasey and French ability to recall and quote the appropriate Simpsons dialogue for almost any conversation or incident that occurs in the staffroom. The “oh that reminds me of a clip on youtube” conversations. The “where are you up to in The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation and Community” conversations, the “Anne, you’ll love this movie – you have to check it out” conversations. The movie reviews when staff members have seen a movie on the weekend. The way one particular member gets so excited when retelling a movie he’s seen on the weekend – the attention to detail as he recalls dialogue and references to other related work – look out Film and TV! The Arrested Development references, yes I mentioned it twice…

6. I’ll miss being the third or fourth person to answer a question that begins with “Anne, what do you think of this..?”

7. I’ll miss the overcrowded staffroom lunch table – when our additional honorary members from the staffroom down the walkway arrive, and the multitude of philosophical, theological and just plain interesting conversations that ensue. Whoever said that Humanities, English, Maths and Science don’t/shouldn’t mix? Let’s be honest I didn’t always understand you or your Schrödinger’s cat or your algebra or physics, but that was good!

8. I’ll miss one of our staffroom members teaching our Chinese teacher “Australian customs” – like it’s bad manners to take the last Tim Tam – because he wants to have it later and is worried she mght eat it otherwise. I wish I could remember some of the others.

9. I’ll miss being in the place where the man I married used to visit me before we were “us”. I’ll miss being down the walkway from him – not so many “drop-ins” on the way past. Sorry fellow staffroom members but I think you’ll be seeing less of him now too.

10. And one thing I won’t miss – the way Matt Shirvington seemed to make it into so many clearly unrelated conversations… oh great now I’m doing it too!

11. The political conversations about things like the leadership of the country, the economy and stuff … just kidding … that was when I got my work done!!

12. You guys are great friends who I happen to work with, I hope that doesn’t change.

13. See writer of “10 reasons why you shouldn’t go”, which was actually only really 8. It wasn’t so hard to come up with 10. Oh..wait..what…?

It’s been a great base for me for about 6 almost 7 years now. A great support through some good and bad times and I’m not forgetting the others who were there, who have come and gone. I don’t think I’ll ever belong anywhere else the way I’ve belonged here. I don’t think I’ll ever spend so much time with work colleagues who were also such good friends.
I’ll miss my friends but I also know that anytime I drop in I can be assured of a “you’ll never believe what happened yesterday” conversation…

29904_1461759142145_143211_nIt’s been great but now it’s time to mix some metaphors and step out of the comfort of the boat, turn a new page and start a new chapter …

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