To Be Worthy …

Some thoughts from a few years ago that I revisited today; now they feel like they belong here. 

To be worthy of Your calling on my life
to hand You all of my fears
to willingly give You all of my failures
to embrace Your forgiveness
to display Your forgiveness
to reflect Your beauty
to promote kindness
to display long suffering
to live patiently

to be WORTHY

To willingly give You access to all aspects of my life
to hold back nothing, not – one – thing
to be transparent
to be willing to trust
to look for the good and not the bad
to move on from disappointment
to refrain from rehearsing wrongs
to choose, not only to forgive, but to forget, all hurts
to remember that the past is just that
to know that the future is in Your hands
to live like the present … is … NOW

to be WORTHY

To do what is right
to love what is good
to protect what is pure
to hate what grieves You
to act righteously
to walk humbly
to obey willingly
to live honestly
to love unreservedly
to laugh joyfully
to worship jubilantly
to move compassionately
to trust wholeheartedly
to rest completely

to be content …

to be surrendered … utterly…

to be WORTHY

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