Star light, star bright…

There are days when the writer has to write – today is one of those days. The teacher still has to mark, teach and do the mundane things of life, like lunchtime duties.. The wife and mother needs to spend some of the day contemplating dinner and trying to remember to put the washing on, the everyday, the mundane. Today though, the writer needs to write. This morning the writer read about another writer, a daughter of the King, a wife, a mother, a friend, an influencer, a shining star who passed from here to there and did it with such grace and dignity that the Internet is calling out her name – proclaiming her life and her homecoming in letters that are miles high. 5-12-stars Her name was/is Kara Tippetts. I don’t profess to know much about her, her story, her loves or her fears other than what I have read this morning. I read it all through tears and with a choking lump in my throat. Tears for the four children she leaves behind and tears for the man left without this shining star of a woman. As I scrolled through the beautiful images of this family on A Holy Experience, my breath caught at the paradoxical joy and sorrow on the faces of the family – and on the face of the shining star of a woman herself. Something in the myriad of articles, I read today struck me – it was found in her own words …

… I want to fade well …

It struck me to my core; she knew that she shone. All that I’ve read/devoured this morning led me to reach this same conclusion. She shone – she was one who shone “like a star …” (Philippians 2:15) And she knew it was her time to fade. Her story has struck me in a way that makes me feel quite selfish and small – her birth year is mine. I felt the tenuous connection and shock at once. Instantly my thoughts turned to self – what if that was me? Well the truth is, it isn’t and instead of getting weighed down in all the “me”. I should look at the her life lived for her Saviour. Her life was lived large, in her service of the King and His people and the people who needed to know Him. I’m challenged as I return to thoughts I’ve had and expressed before; there are people who manage to pack so much of others into their lives that our Father looks down and says…

It’s time for you to leave .. You’ve done enough … it’s time for you to join us up here and leave some space for others to step up and get to work. Your departure is going to leave a void, but through your death I’m calling others to declare me, my words, my works to the generation of now and the generations to come.

So while we mourn with those who mourn, we must also take stock. And in taking stock I’m asking myself a few questions. Have I shone yet? I’d say no I have not – I’ve wanted to ..but I haven’t. I’ve made a few attempts not consistently though. Have you? Will strangers, one day, read my story/ your story and feel compelled to assess how star-like the lives they have lived are? Will there be a void left in the lives you’ve touched? Will there be a void left in the world that others will need to step up in order for that emptiness to be filled? I can’t do her story justice – I’ve only just read it myself. Do yourself a favour – grab a box of tissues, set aside some time today and visit some of the places where she was known and loved and see her shine. 7BBB40CE2D3142E982D37C44A2837C7C.ashx

Mundane Faithfulness – her own words –

A Holy Experience –

The Gospel Coalition –

Christianity Today

Even a mention on the Sydney Morning Herald page –

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