Reflections from a two hundred and eighty minute drive home…

  1. Patience is surprisingly easy for me when I know the situation is beyond my control.
  2. Laksa cuppa soup is NOT an adequate lunchtime meal if you are not going to eat for another 7 hours.
  3. Driving a manual vehicle in stop/start conditions can cause the driver’s leg to twitch and the driver’s mood to alter.
  4. If you and your husband/wife have the same thought on a rainy morning “maybe we should take the Dodge to school today” then that’s a good idea. After all it’s an automatic see no.3 and it’s a 4×4 – leave the Subaru at home.
  5. The minute you see mums coming to school to pick their kids up …pack up and roll out – those mums know something you don’t!
  6. Always ask the question; do you need to go to the toilet? Ask this before leaving the vicinity of a toilet – ask it of others and of yourself. You could be about to spend over four hours on the highway.
  7. Carry spare headphones – otherwise you may spend several hours “enjoying” the audio of Nanny McPhee coming from your Mac and the starving boy in the back of the car.
  8. Download movies onto your Mac other than Nanny McPhee.
  9. You can always find a scenario that reminds you of an episode of The Walking Dead … Well maybe not always.. But it worked today. image
  10. You love your dogs a little too much (not really possible) if the main reason you suffered through the four plus hours was to get home to check if they were ok.
  11. Dogs are always happy to see you…and spend some time inside the house after a long, wet day.


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