Just in case you’re feeling a little bit weary too …

Today, this post needs to be about rest… it needs to be about rest, rest for you and rest for me.

Finding rest – having a rest, being at rest.
I’m probably not the person to write this because rest is not something I do well.
I’m not sure how or where to find it. Well that’s not entirely true, I know where to find it – rest is found in the person of Christ.
This song (Rest) has been playing over and over in my head the past few days – kind of frantically as each day came with more demands. Mostly, it was the chorus – over and over again. So maybe there’s something in it?

I’m sure I’m not alone in this but I’ve known this verse (Matt 11:28) for at least 30 years. Yep – that makes me just a bit over 30, right?

I “know” more than a few verses that are good for this kind of situation. So knowing them doesn’t really help does it? I am starting to realise that I don’t know how to do it.

I wonder how many of us would describe moments of this week as restful. How many of you could pinpoint a moment when you could say you rested.
I know I haven’t this week – I know I’ve lurched from problem to problem, task to task, even my sleep has had an element of urgency to it. All the while my head is completely occupied with how I could have done the task I just completed, better. How could I have done that conversation, that phone call, that lesson, that explanation, that text message, that Facebook post, that game, that blog from last week – last month, last year – better?
Maybe the question isn’t how could I have done it better – maybe the question should be – did I commit that conversation, phone call, lesson, explanation, text message, Facebook post, game, blog to God prior to engaging in it?
If I have then there’s something I can do – I can rest.. How do I know this? Well it’s underlined in my Bible… not just one Bible either, multiple Bibles, different versions. The message remains the same. Commit it … and rest..

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004

But here’s the problem it’s not underlined in my heart or in my mind. It’s time to get this one in, right? One of the problems for individuals with perfectionist tendencies is that we are rarely at rest.

How could I have done that better? For days I work it over, and over. Restful? No!

What is rest ?

verb: rest; 3rd person present: rests; past tense: rested; past participle: rested; gerund or present participle: resting

1. cease work or movement in order to relax, sleep, or recover strength.”he needed to rest after the feverish activity”

2. synonyms: relax, take a rest, ease up/off, let up, slow down, pause, have/take a break, unbend, repose, laze, idle, loaf, do nothing, take time off, slack off, unwind, recharge one’s batteries, be at leisure, take it easy, sit back, sit down, stand down, lounge, luxuriate, loll, slump, flop, put one’s feet up, lie down, go to bed, have/take a nap, nap, catnap, doze, have/take a siesta, drowse, sleep; informal de-stress, take five, have/take a breather, veg out, snooze, snatch forty winks, get some shut-eye; informal kip, have a kip, get some kip; informal chill out, kick back, catch some Zs; literary slumber “he needed to rest and think”

The thing some of us need to learn is how to rest, and not feel guilty about the tasks that have been left undone. We need to rest in order to regain strength, otherwise we are not useful. Some of those synonyms listed above make us feel guilty about resting.
But we need to remember a few things –
Jesus was weary. He sat down. He knows what it’s like to need rest.
God rested when His creatorial work was done.

So my friends, today, I’m going to be brief, because this one is a work in progress. There’s much, much more to be said and better ways to say it. At this point I don’t have the answers. But I do have work to do – and I also need to rest.
I think that you do too.
Maybe now is the season to learn about rest?
Let me know how you go. Feel free to share your tips.
After all some of us are better at resting than others … the other person in the room has had a nap in the time I’ve written this – I need to get me some of that! Or maybe it’s just his age and the fact that he’s in the comfy chair. 😉

Follow the links below to a few places where you can find some useful info about the stuff of rest:

Prayer of the day to give rest

A prayer when feeling tired and weary

Verses for when you are feeling exhausted

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