A few things my mum taught me:

1. Mother’s Day is rarely about the mother and mostly about the child – I arrived on Mother’s Day – making it her first Mother’s Day – and I’ve crashed it roughly every 7 years since!
2. There is no substitute for a good pair of quality new shoes. Don’t scrimp when buying shoes.
3. Life is not all about you – it’s about serving others.
4. Don’t believe everything people tell you – ask questions.
5. If a pithy one liner comes to mind – say it – don’t hold back. You can always apologise after the laughter dies down.
6. A submissive woman is not subservient.
7. If you can walk – you are well enough to go to work.
8. Woman can dress with dignity and be attractive. Modesty doesn’t have to equate to frumpiness.
9. There’s nothing quite like a good book.
10. Don’t pretend to be stupid and don’t let people treat you as though you are.
11. You have a brain use it – you should never have to apologise for that.
12.. When things go wrong in life, complaining won’t make it better, pick yourself up and get on with it.
13. Things that have happened to you should not define you.
14. Bad things will happen to good people. Good people will trust that God knows best and continue to trust Him.
15. Always help people. When you can, help people.
16. Be generous with your time, your gifts, your heart.
17. A woman should be smart, strong and stylish.
18. A mother – a good one – is as precious as rubies… Her children will rise up and praise her and the heart of her husband can safely trust in her… Dad – you hit the jackpot there – which must say an awful lot about you too.


19. On the rare occasion, matching mother, daughter outfits do work… Maybe we can be thankful I didn’t have a daughter 🙂

Happy Mothers day Mum!!


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