Time to rest – when demands and voices drown out the still, small voice.

Have you heard Him this week?

I haven’t really – my heart has been crying out to hear Him – but I don’t think I’ve paused long enough to hear His response.

There’s a number of reasons for that. There are a lot demands to be met. Some are pressing – some present themselves as pressing. Some days I have a hard time working out which are which. Why? I think it’s the squeaky wheel scenario.

My husband has told me multiple times this week – “you need to rest” – the truth is I don’t know where I’ll find the time to do it. Last night I dreamt I couldn’t move and I couldn’t wake up – it was real, my dreams are vivid at the best of times – this one almost crossed the line into reality. Ok, it is time to rest.

The moment I sit down to rest, the multitude of things that are waiting for and vying for my attention come crashing in.
Would you believe that right now I’m writing this in the car on the way to work (I’m a passenger) I’ve been marking drafts, but trying to write with the movement of the car is a bit impossible. Yes I’m trying to justify writing when I should be marking – that’s the other thing many of us battle with. Taking time out needs to be justified, we are our own worst enemies. I can think of a number of reasons why I shouldn’t do this. People will read it and think no wonder she’s struggling to keep up with her work load. People will think “Well your time would have been better spent writing some draft feedback than the twaddle you’ve produced here.” People will suggest that this here is a waste of time and effort and that perhaps I should stop and get back to some real work.. People – I’m not sure who they are, or where, or why I think they care, or why I should care about what they think.
So the problem is that the voices of these imaginary people drown out the voice of the one that tells me to ….. Come apart and rest a while 

The truth is, this voice, the still, small voice is the only one that is going to remain after the clamour dies down. The owner of this voice is the only one who truly cares for my soul, the only one who requires nothing of me, or from me, but me. The one who quietly calls me to rest, to lean and to offload onto him.

Yes I did just quote myself (!)
He knows from experience that you can never give enough, the more demands you meet the more people will ask of you. He knows what we are like, he knows what we are like with each other.
He knows that there are some things I do that only I can do. I’m not sure how many of those I’m doing. He knows what my purpose is and whether or not I’m doing it. I’d say from the sense of discontentment I feel some days, I’m not always in that spot. When I’m writing it feels like I’m close, when I’m listening to people I know I’m close too. I don’t know if you feel the same way.

Have you heard that still, small voice calling you to rest, or to do less, or to do something other than what you are doing now?

I know there’s a lot of things I do, that others could do but are happy to ask me to do, and I keep doing them. The same I’m sure is true of you. These things keep you and me busy and keep us from having the time to listen to the voice of the shepherd. We all do this. I’m wondering how many of us are missing out on the rest we should be having because we’re busy doing the work of others.

When all the busy-ness dies down – and it will one day – the truth that remains is that no one can be you quite like you can. So when that time comes we need to remember who that is. Make sure you ask the Shepherd for help on that one He knows who you are.

There’s some books I need to read (in some cases re-read) about this – I don’t think I have time. Maybe you’ve read them?

Max Lucado – A Cure For The Common Life
Bonnie Gray – Finding Spiritual Whitespace
Jon Acuff – Do Over
Andy Stanley – Choosing to Cheat:Who Wins When Family and Work Collide

So I’m starting Finding Spiritual Whitespace today! What was the clincher?
Well it’s one piece of reading I’m going to do this week that I can do without my marking/drafting/editing pen in hand..and the last few lines of the foreword …

If you’re tired of being tired, read this book. If you’re exhausted with being exhausted, read this book. If you feel too busy to read this book, then that’s probably the best sign of all that you need it.. Jon Acuff

I think I’m going to have some answers really soon.


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