To my little sisters …and my big sisters…

Dear sister,
(because that’s who you are, you are my sister in Christ)

Too many of us live in past mistakes, misjudgements and decisions we wish we could change. It’s time to move out of the world of regret, to move out of the past. There are some truths I need to tell you, some truths I need you to know. I know that right now you question your value, and you question your worth.

I don’t want you to lose sight of who you are because of the actions of another. The people who matter have not lost sight of who you are, don’t lose sight of how those people view you. In fact, surround yourself with people who matter.

I’m sure they will join me in saying; we don’t want you to believe the lies you were told.

You are not to blame. When someone convinces you to do something that you later regret – you are not to blame. No man who tells you that you are to blame for his actions is a man of worth. A man of worth will admit when he is wrong and accept the responsibility for his actions. A man of worth will not beg you and plead with you to give yourself to him. A man of worth will not manipulate you in order to fulfil his needs and then discard you. A man of worth will not blame you for his own selfish behaviour.  A man of worth will not treat you the way you have been treated, a man of worth will not speak words to you that convince you that you are less in order to ease his own conscience. The man who does these things, is not a man of worth.

I do not want bitter experience to damage who you are. Please do not lose the ability to trust – exercise that ability by trusting in God. Please do not lose your gentle heart – ask God to protect that and ask Him to lead you to people who need it. Please do not lose your desire to see the best in people – ask God to give you His wisdom and His discernment.

I want you to know that all men are not alike. All men will not treat you as an object.
All men do not struggle with these issues only to be defeated by them as you have been told.
A man of worth is able to overcome.
A man of worth will rely on God in this and not himself.
Men of worth are out there.
One day my little sister, a true man of worth will see you for what you are; a woman of worth.
He will see you as you are, not as who you have been, not for what you have done, but for who you are.
A man of worth will see you – a daughter of the King.
One day my sister, a man of worth will look at you and consider himself to be most fortunate man in the world.

God knows who he is, my sister, wait for him, he is worth the wait. He might not be quite ready for you just yet, but then you might not be ready for him. Don’t write all men off because of one or two. While you mend, while you heal and while you wait – focus on God, focus on letting Him heal your heart, listen to Him for a while – He knows who you are. He calls you by name. He knows your value, He knows your worth, He knows what He has in store for you.

Please don’t blame yourself for your trusting nature, your innocence or your gentle heart.

You are not someone who deserved to be used and then cast aside … Why, because you my  sister, are precious, you are valuable. I’m incredibly sorry that your foray into the “grown up” world has left you feeling that you are without value and that you somehow deserved to be treated that way.

No one who views you as a daughter of the King would agree. And that my sister is who you are.

You are a daughter of the King, the King of heaven.

You are forgiven.

You have been redeemed.

You have been released. 

You are beautiful.

You are precious.

You are loved.

You are chosen.

You are worth more than you know.

You, my sister, are a daughter of the King.

Please read this on those days when you wonder what is true.

This, my little sister, is true.

(There will be days when I will have to read it too.) 

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