My personal trainer …

One of my favourite things about the book of Psalms and the life of David is that through it we see that the time the wicked have to afflict the children of God is limited — by God. It ends. 

There comes a point when enough is enough. No matter how “clever” the plotting and planning, no matter how deep the deceitfulness – it ends.   

So my saboteur,  you can only ever go as far as my God permits. 

Today this is what I’m trying to remember. 

You may plot, you may plan, you may disrupt, and you do but without my God’s permission you would be able to do nothing. He’s allowing you to do this because in His plan for my day today – this disturbance was written in – to work for my good. 

So thank you for another chance to exercise my faith muscles. 

Today I’m going with Psalm 37 as my text. 


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