8 reasons why this INFJ, HSP is moving from surviving to thriving…

  1. Information: like my fellow INFJs  (for such a rare personality type the internet seems to be filled to the brim with us)  over the past few years I’ve discovered that a lot of the things about me that I thought unusual, strange, difficult, is in part due to personality.
  2. As someone who can also be described as a HSP the reduction of social networking interactions has been similarly freeing. My daily dose of over 300 people’s lives –
    their thoughts, opinions, joys, disappointments and associated issues are no longer on my radar. This has literally reduced my feelings of responsibility, angst and anxiety overnight. It’s not that I don’t care to hear from and about my friends – I just think there are better ways to do it.
  3. We “rescued” a kitten. I’ve never had a cat before …However the more I’ve read about introverts, the more I’ve read about cats …

    As a “dog person” I’ve resisted the very idea of a cat. I was, until almost two weeks ago, unprepared to concede that there was a connection between cats and introverts. My belief was, I’m an introvert who doesn’t even like cats. I think this remains true, I don’t like cats in general –


    The new addition

    however our new family member has proved to be quite a favourite of mine already .. I think that this article might go a way towards explaining it.  I thought she might be good for the kids – turns out she’s been incredibly good for me.

  4. I discovered the value of a restorative niche (you can find out about the restorative niche here, or here, or here) — Today was our first day back at work after two, beautifully quiet, weeks of restoration. Term three kicked off with day one of a two day conference. Day one was attended by approximately 2000 delegates. I’m going to be honest, the following things were literally a Godsend for me.
    IMG_8830 2.JPG

    The overflow venue – outdoors.

    a. The overflow area outside … created due to the large numbers in the auditorium.                                                  b. The fact that our school hosted the event. This meant I was “at home”.                                                                        c. The fact that I do have the pleasure of working with my love, and some really great friends.                                    d. My “restorative niche” at work is my husband’s staffroom … Being an introvert and a school teacher means some days can be quite taxing.IMG_8831.PNG I also work in a fairly open plan staffroom which means quiet time is often minimal. I often head to his smaller, quieter staffroom to recharge. Today, I was able to retire to there after each session – we lunched there – talked through some big ideas.

  5. I happily carve out that restorative time now, without feeling guilty about it. My thoughts are you can have the me who will vanish from time to time or the one who gets over stimulated, over stressed and eventually reaches breaking point at the end of June each year. It didn’t happen this year.
  6. At home I am having my own introverted space created for me. (Thanks to a few.)
    FullSizeRender 24.jpg

    A work in progress – well on the way.

    An actual retreat in the form of a studio for all things art related – a “me”zone. That still sounds a little too selfish for my own liking – I am doing my best to get used to the idea.

  7. I have continued to become more aware that the people around me are not like me or each other. And while a few of them are INFJs – even they are slightly different. And being different does not mean they are always wrong … Though honestly sometimes they are.. But that’s okay – and I need to be okay with that – not every disagreement needs to be a fight to the death. Music to my E/ISFP husband’s ears.
  8. Knowing who I am in Christ actually supersedes all of the above, that should not ever be underestimated. Recognising that all of the things have helped to restore and move from surviving, are from His hand.


Finally tonight; Quiet , if you haven’t read it, you must.

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