In 2017 …

I’ve been musing a little on what I would like from 2017.

I think the conclusion I’ve reached is that this year, the best I can do for myself, and my nearest and dearest, is to be more like Jesus than I was last year.

This means a number of things:

it means love,
it means mercy,
it means grace,
it means justice,
it means truth,
it means light,
it means life,
it means patience,
it means selflessness,
it means humility,
it means submitting,
it means service,
it means sacrifice.
It means persevering through difficulties,
it means facing trials.

For me, as a wife, a mother, a step mother, a teacher, a friend … (and all the things I am in between) personally,

it will mean biting my tongue,

it will mean speaking up when it’s easier to be silent.

It will mean failing when I forget to rely on Him,

it will mean falling and getting back up again,

it will mean relying on Him rather than myself.

It will mean that my own wisdom is not enough,

it will mean being wrong when I decide that it is.

It will mean humility and awareness to admit the wrong,

it will mean apologising to others,

it will mean forgiveness for myself.

It will mean gratitude when I want to grumble.

It will mean forgiveness when I want to hold a grudge.

It will mean patience when I want to snap.

It will mean joy when despair is close.

It will mean faith in the One who knows what is ahead when I do not.

It will mean stepping out in faith when I want to shrink back.

It will mean using the gifts He’s given me, for His glory.

It will mean seeking His will, rather than my own.

It will mean humility.

In short, it will mean that I must decrease in order that He may increase.


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