Week one of the school year & “Quiet” turns 5 …

I do love teaching, sometimes I think it is an odd career path for an introvert, but there is a significant number of us out there.

It’s week one, day three, back at school, and I am very tired. I love that, in Australia, week one of the school year usually contains a public holiday. I love this because, part way through week one, I need it.

Week one, I tend to become more extroverted in the classroom. I won’t say I become an extrovert but certainly more extroverted. For each new class I meet, I seem to subconsciously to some extent take on the role of an extrovert.

The real strain for me though is that I have just come off 6 weeks of very selective socialising and as a high school teacher, I have commenced this crazy week in which I meet 20 or more new people every 40-80 mins for 2-3 days in a row. This requires a great deal of energy.

I was thinking through this, this afternoon and an excerpt from “Quiet”(below) came to mind.



Possibly the similarities are superficial, obviously, I rarely receive a standing ovation at the end of a lesson , or more honestly, never receive a standing ovation at the end of a lesson. Although the students do stand up, and then leave … maybe it is an ovation? I guess we’ll never know. But what I like about this excerpt and chapter from which it is taken, is that it told me it’s okay to extrovert when I need to, and return to being an introvert when I don’t need to extrovert. This was very important for me because I couldn’t understand how I could be what felt to me, two very different people. This chapter was very important to me, the introvert, the teacher.

After reading the particular chapter I discovered the importance of a “restorative niche“. I also discovered that it is okay, if I have been “extrovert-ing” for most of the day that I have my required 10-30 mins without conversation when I get home. Not only is this okay with me, it’s also okay with my people. 🙂

It’s a short post this time.

Introverts, if you still haven’t read “Quiet”, please, please do.

It will change the way you feel about yourself, it will change the way you view yourself, it is revolutionary.

Also, today (edit – actually yesterday the 24th) is (was) the fifth anniversary of “Quiet”.

You owe it to yourself.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 6.58.34 pm.jpg

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