Better days …

Dear one,

Some people seem to coast through life with ease, they seem to have a charmed existence, there are seemingly no storm clouds on their horizons, no waves on their ocean, no darkness in their days. They seemingly live trouble free.

Dear one, this has not been our experience — sometimes I wish it had been. But it has not, and I don’t know who we would be now if it had.

What I need you to know — and I know you do know this deep down — is that even these current clouds, waves and darkness will become clear, smooth and light in the end.

These moments will make you the person He has designed you to be.

These moments will equip you for the work He has for you.

These moments will be the making of you.

This does not mean that it will hurt any less. You will, one day, look back on this time and realise there was a purpose  — there was a reason.

It was painful, it was difficult, but it was ultimately for your good.   

The other thing you need to remember is – that while this may have taken you by surprise, it has not taken Him by surprise. 

When you have these kind of turbulent experiences what you need to know is that your Creator, the One who has created you for good works, the One who knew you before He laid the foundation of the world knew this was coming your way.

He will also carry you through it, He will bring you out the other side, He will make sure that you do not get lost in it – or buried by it.

He does not simply know your name, dear one, He knows your hurts, He keeps your tears in a bottle, He knows the number of hairs on your head, He can see the thoughts of your heart, He knows the days of your life — more than that, He has written them in His book even before you were.

This might make you wonder why there is a day like that day or a day like this day … all I can tell you is one day all of those days will make sense. That may sound defeatist to some — but to me it is hopeful.

It is biblical. 

It is Joseph being wrongly accused and thrown into prison,

it is Abraham preparing to sacrifice his long promised son,

it is Hannah praying year after year for a child,

it is David, the anointed one, being pursued and hunted,

it is Hagar calling out for water in the desert,

it is the three being thrown into the fire,

it is Daniel in the lion’s den,

it is the lame man unable to get to the healing water,

it is Jesus suffering silent before His false accusers,

it is Jesus going to the cross for wrongs he has not committed,

it is the women going to where His body was laid,

all of these days point to a better day.

All of these kind of days point to a better day … a clear, bright and glorious day.

Lift up your eyes, look it up, it is on the horizon.



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